Started its journey from Palos Heights, then for viewing in Oak Lawn, to its final resting place by the west Side Oak Lawn Water Tower, Two Sisters,Emily and Alissa Robinson spent a week  during 2016 summer painting and decorating a four-foot long fiberglass acorn memorializing Megan Hurckes

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MEGAN'S MAZE, a commission for The Children's Museum in Oaklawn, was made in 2012 by Michael McGinnis in memory of Megan Hurckes. This Superplexus contains recognizable objects, all of which were conceived in response to Megan's interests. Also, HDPE was used for track construction, allowing the use of colors, and to have the tracks integrated with the railings in as a solid object. HDPE does not glue, nor can it be readily painted. The numbers and arrows were drawn using paint pens over areas that were media blasted to form texture, allowing the paint to grip. Attachment was made using binding posts and screws. It takes about 10 minutes to traverse Megan's Maze (which is actually a labyrinth).

Megan's Maze                                  95th St. Acorn

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