February 5, 1999  -  September 6, 2009

On Sunday September 6th, 2009 at 11:25 a.m. we lost our beloved daughter Megan in a tragic ATV accident in Kingston, Wisconsin. Words cannot express how devastated we were and still are today. Megan was just 10 years old, had just started 5th grade at Kolb Elementary School and had her entire life to look forward to. Our family had decided to join friends who were enjoying a Labor Day weekend at a location we all enjoyed thoroughly and had nicknamed  the ”FARM”. The farm was a 400+ acre of farm land with a huge house where the children were able to enjoy the outdoors, and drive small ATV and small golf carts.
After breakfast that dreadful morning, Megan wanted to go on the ATV with two of her friends and demanded to “sit in the middle” of the ATV while her friends sat next to her on both sides. Both of her

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About Megan

friends have eventually healed from their wounds, but the accident was too much for Megan and she passed away that morning. The next morning as we were trying to unravel our worlds a close friend made a outstanding suggestion about starting a memorial scholarship fund in Megan’s name, so Megan will always be remembered. Hundreds of donations were donated from family, friends and community members who wanted to remember Megan and contribute to a fund that would be used for community scholarships and community involvement.Our lives were turned upside down, but with friends and family there to support us and keep us looking at tomorrow, we have survived, (although sometimes just barely). We are comforted by having great people in our lives and even more fortunate to look back and appreciate the 10 years we had with Megan. We want to thank all of you for everything you have done for our family, and let you know that there was absolutely no way we could have survived our tragedy in our family without you and your family.

Thank you and know we love you all……